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Weekly ham radio lunches
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Subject: weekly ham radio lunches

Hi Guys and Gals,

A group of local hams have been meeting every Tuesday for some time for
lunch and a bull session. We just wanted to make sure that we conveyed to
you that all are welcome to join us. For the month of June we will be at a
different restaurant each Tuesday. Locations are listed below.

June 1    Japanese Steak House, 30th Street, Heath near the Mall.

June 8    Lucky Bamboo, Granville Rd. Newark across from Damon's

June 15   Honey Baked Ham, Rt. 79 Heath

June 22   Wine Cache, Rt. 37 and Rt. 16  Granville, across from Sunoco

June 28   Miller's Essenplatz, East Main St. Newark

We generally start gathering around 11:45 AM on these Tuesdays. We hope you
can join us.

Russ Payne