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NARA, ?501(c)(3)
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From: Fred Nickerson []
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 6:25 PM
Subject: NARA, ?501(c)(3)

IRS released information today regarding the new simplified process for requesting IRC ?501(c)(3) determination, as well as a new Form 1023-EZ and instructions.  The reader?s digest version, as it might apply to NARA:
--   The new application form is only three pages and it?s fairly straight forward; a lot of the supporting documentation is nor longer required to be submitted with the application, one merely checks a box that says it exists and is in compliance;
--   There?s a questionnaire (about seven pages) in the instructions to determine whether the organization is eligible.  It appears NARA would be, or could be with only very minor modifications to it?s articles of incorporation and/or bylaws;
--   The application fee is $400, which is not refundable if the application is denied.
If the consensus is to proceed, I?ll be happy to assist.
Fred, NL7CF