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Equipment Available and For Sale
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2017, 12:35:43 AM »

From: "Michael Rea" <>
Date: Jun 16, 2017 12:09 PM
To: <>

Hello NARA
As a former NARA member I though I would start my offer with your club.
I'm currently downsizing a lot of my radio equipment and have put together a group that is free for the taking, see pictures. Items include boxes filled with new and used tubes, Thirty-three panel meters, new speakers 8", 4" 2", a 4" muffin fan, Rapid Tube Tester with chart, Seven Systems inc. Model 861 Field Strength Meter, Ohmite 100w dummy antenna resistor, switches, relays, 30+ boxes 6x3.5" new and used parts parts, a Roto-Brake. Nothing of great value just fun stuff.  The only condition I ask is it has to be a take all.
Then there are radios I would like to sell, I'm not looking for top dollar just a reasonable fair offer. The Hallicrafters SX115, HT32B, HT33A, and R146 speaker will sell as a set as will the Collins 75S3 Receiver, 32S3 Transmitter, and 30L1 Amplifier. (The SX115 audio is low and the HT33A final is soft).
Other pieces are a Hammarlund HQ110 Receiver, Heathkit DX60B, Heathkit SA2060 Antenna Tuner, Swan 250 6m SSB Transceiver, Valiant Viking Transmitter, Collins PM33 Speaker, Heathkit DX100 Transmitter, Hammarlund HQ170 Receiver w/Speaker and various pieces of test equipment.

If anyone in the club is interested please call me 740-967-9120, if you have to leave a message leave a name and phone number for a call back.

Look forward to hearing from you, Michael K8PMR