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NARA Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes/NARA Meeting Minutes 9 Sep 06
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NARA Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2006

Present: Steve Katz N8WL Secretary, Joe Montell KC8MTU Trustee, Roy Bentley WD8RBB Trustee, and Tim Reed KA8PCP past president. Guest present: Jeff Ray KC8OQI Repeater Committee Chair.

1.   Upon motion of Steve, seconded by Roy, the Board unanimously voted to elect Jeff to fill the vacant seat previously occupied by Dwight Bonifield W8TJT for the remainder of the term. We now have three trustees, as specified in the By-Laws.
2.   Phone company bill. Rob reported in July that he was wrestling with the phone company over the overdue bill which has been turned over to a collection agency. We agreed that this needs to be resolved and off the books. Rob said he would attempt to settle it soon, but he was not present to report on any progress.
3.   Membership committee. Steve reported that he drafted a letter to send out with a membership form to get people to re-join and pay dues, but he has not had time to compile the list of recipients and send out the letters. We agreed he should wait to send it at  end of the year to get 2007 dues.
4.   Education committee. Steve reported that Earl N8KBR and Scott K8SM are in the middle of a course to teach Elements 1 and 2 to new hams. The course is being taught at the EOC and started Aug. 14. It goes weekly until the exam on September 23 (at the EOC).
5.   Tim, the past president, is the chair of the nominating committee which is working on a slate of officers and a board member to announce at the November meeting.
6.   Finance committee. Kelli had reported $682.68 in the account in July and 23 paid members. The only expense we are aware of is $48.30 that is owed to Steve for repair of the repeater’s CAT controller.
7.   Program committee. Steve reported that John Tipka W8UL would be giving a program at the October meeting on the use of Winlink 2000 to transmit email via radio into the internet. [Later John reported that he could not make it to the October meeting so the program was postponed to November’s meeting.] Tim reported that the American Red Cross building was available for the next three meetings, and the board decided to try that venue instead of the church, to see if we liked it well enough to make a permanent move.
8.   Emergency communications committee. Steve reported that there was not much ARES activity in August, other than the regular Wednesday night nets.
9.   Minor amendments to the Bylaws. The club would vote on the Bylaws changes tonight.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Katz N8WL
NARA Secretary

NARA Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2006

Secretary Steve Katz N8WL called the meeting to order at Florry Park at 6 pm. Eight members and several spouses and children were present. There was only one item of business:

1. Several minor changes to the NARA bylaws were proposed. On motion of Steve N8WL, seconded by Tim KA8PCP, the membership voted to accept the proposed changes. The revised bylaws will be emailed to Earl N8KBR for posting on the web site.

On motion of Jeff KC8OQI, seconded by Roy WD8RBB, the meeting was adjourned; the group had an excellent pot-luck dinner and socialized for a while until dusk.

Respectfully submitted

Steve Katz N8WL
NARA Secretary